imo – free video calls and chat for iPhone

imo- free video calls and chat iPhone is the place where you can comfortably chat, call and share multimedia data with friends, family members, and colleagues without worry about the SMS charges or the expensive international roaming.

imo - free video calls and chat for iPhone
imo – free video calls and chat for iPhone

Some special features of imo- free video calls and chat iPhone

  • This app will help you to reduce the charges of SMS and calls. You can send SMS unlimited or make the regular calls, video calls over 3G,4G, or WiFi wireless connection. This is a useful tool for the users who are finding the solution to keep contact with relatives or friends living far from them.
  • Thanks to this app you can make the high-quality video and voice call easily
  • The function of group chatting is also developed. Now you can chat with more people at once.
  • You also can share the videos and photos right in the chat window. It is so wonderful for you to share everything with your friends or colleagues so that they can know more about you.
  • This app will create the environment for you to express the personality and feeling throughout the hundreds of funny free stickers.
  • One special thing that will satisfy you is that this app can encrypt chats and calls for security. So now you don’t need to worried about the hackers who can attack your device.
  • Touch ID: with this feature, you can securely authenticate sensitive user’s activities, such as changing display name.
  • With this app, you can send messages and make the video calls with everybody without worried about which device they are using because of this app support both iOS and Android platform. Even the  IPad tablets also can turn into the smartphone easily.

With the features of imo- free video calls and chat iPhone, contact with everybody becomes easier. So please download and try the experiences that this app can bring to you.



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