Dream Computer Piano

Dream Computer Piano helps you enhance your piano technique. It is a nice piano application you can download for PC Windows 7/8/10.

Improve your piano-playing skill and prove that you are a real pianist

Dream Computer Piano
Dream Computer Piano

If you think you need to improve your piano technique, then it is quite necessary to have a piano app right on your computer. Among piano apps, Dream Computer Piano seems to be a good one to try. You can play any song on a PC because it turns the keyboard into a piano. You will feel like you are playing a song on a real piano.

Piano is not an easy instrument to play since it requires you to master the movement of your fingers. Also, you must combine the movement of hands and feet so you can play the songs appropriately. The app allows you to play songs in MIDI format as well.

Features you can explore in Dream Computer Piano

It is necessary to explore some features of the app before you use it:

  • The app turns your keyboard into a piano keyboard. Hence, you will not need any extra equipment to play songs on the piano.
  • You don’t need to have the musical knowledge to play the piano because you just simply click the keyboard to play the songs.
  • The app also supports MIDI files.
  • You can quickly play the songs you like provided that you have the MIDI files that fit those songs.
  • There is a panel that displays the keys you have to press to play.
  • You have three types of piano sounds to pick from.
  • You are allowed to customize the interface of the app in your own way. You can use images and the size you want.

A good way to enhance your piano techniques is to use Dream Computer for PC Windows. Although there are plenty of apps that treat you with useful functions to play piano, this one is still cool. You will love all of its unique features and functions mentioned above. If you think it fits your needs, then download it now with a trial version.


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