Free MP3 Sound Recorder

Free MP3 Sound Recorder is a free-to-download tool with a great function. You use it on PC Windows 7/8/10 to record the audio input via many sources.

Free MP3 Sound Recorder
Free MP3 Sound Recorder

A simple app for recording audio from a wide range of sound sources

It is quite easy to record audio from lots of sound sources now. To do that, you need to install an application called Free MP3 Sound Recorder. It is free to download and install on PC, so getting it on your computer is not a problem. As mentioned above, there are many sound sources you can record the audio from, for instance, microphone, multimedia, Internet stream, line-in, etc.

The way you use the application is quite simple:

  • First of all, you must approach the “File” menu.
  • Second of all, you choose “New” then do the steps shown by the assistant.
  • You can choose the source from which you can capture the sound. This will define the format that fits your demand.
  • Also, you will choose the file name as well as the location where you save the recording.
  • Play the recording then pause it or stop it anytime you want.

Features of Free MP3 Sound Recorder

There are some great features added by this app such as:

  • A Record Filters menu that contains some filters you can add to the audio.
  • The filter comes in different types, including low-pass and high-pass. The low-pass one removes the frequencies above a set value while the high-pass one finishes the opposing effect.
  • You are allowed to record the audio from diverse sound sources, for instance, microphone, multimedia, and more.
  • You can output the audio files into different formats including OGG, VOX, RAW, PCM, MP3, GSM, ADPCM, DSP, G723, G726, a-LAW, and u-LAW.
  • In those formats, you can define the number of channels, which can be mono or stereo. Also, you can specify the frequency of the sample or even the bitrate.
  • There is a shortcut that you use for listening to the recordings via Windows Media player.

Free MP3 Sound Recorder for PC Windows is an app you cannot miss if you want to record audio from different sources. Enjoy recording audio and listening to your recordings!


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