Mixing music is so much easier now thanks to KraMixer Download for PC Windows 7/8/10. You can use this application to practice your DJ skills.


An exclusive application that is dedicated to DJs

DJ is such a cool job when it comes to mixing music. Due to the rise of various music applications, you can be a real DJ easily. It is because most apps provide you with unique options, features, and functions for mixing music. Hence, you don’t need to know musical knowledge or learn about music composition to become a DJ because KraMixer gives you everything you need. It is an ideal app specially made for DJs.

Although there are lots of apps you can use to mix different audio sources, not all of them can fit your desires. Also, few of them are suitable for the newbies. Therefore, you need an application full of the basics to use. The app mentioned above is a great one to try. It lets you experience BPM synchronization, lots of effects, looping function and so much more.

What features can you use in KraMixer?

Similar to other music applications, this one also lets you discover a wide range of cool functions and features such as:

  • An interface that is well-organized and quite easy to use.
  • Clear and intuitive controls for you to mix music easily.
  • The app provides 2 players that have individual controls that are matching with WAV and MP3.
  • You can even try an automatic looping feature too.
  • The pitch can be adjustable, which can be up to +/-49%.
  • There is also an audio engine that has a configuration based on the computer.
  • You can divide the monitor by using the split mode monitor.
  • The app can automatically synchronize BPM.
  • There are also various effects for you to explore and apply to the songs such as echo, reverb, delay, filters, and so forth. You can edit those effects in a menu.

KraMixer for PC Windows is also released with a trial version that is free to download. For a basic experience, you can download the trial version even though it features some limitations. Let the program help you mix and make music in your own way!



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