Oddity Free Download is a strong VST instrument for your PC Windows 7/8/10 experience. You can do stuff to the sounds easily.


An amazing VST instrument you can run on your computer

VST products are made by GForce. This is a famous and successful developer of a wide range of products such as impOSCar, Minimonsta, and M-Tron. Not only that, but they are also successful when they come up with an interesting idea called Oddity. It is regarded as a VST recreation of theĀ ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Now, you can launch this VST instrument right on your computer.

There are several things you can do with this tool. For instance, you can use it to merge two presets for making amazing sounds. Or, you can save all presets if you want. There are also Duophonic capabilities as well as a ring modulator. They are all imitated in a good way so you can easily make lots of aggressive sounds. Not only that, but you can also direct all the parameters of the synthesizer through the use of MIDI. The tool is effective in standalone mode and can be equipped with a sequencer.

Oddity features

Here are some basic features of this audio and music production application:

  • You can make lots of sounds by combining two presets.
  • The tool has a simple yet functional interface.
  • It also features two oscillators that come with editable pulse width and tuning.
  • In the LFP section, you will see a glide control and some filters with unique envelop generators.
  • Besides, there are also other two sections, including envelopeĀ and master. You come to those sections to adjust the instrument basically.

Oddity on PC can be used for free with a trial version that is valid for two hours. You can download the trial version and use it first before you get the full version. For its functioning, make sure you already installed ASIO drivers.



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