PDFtoMusic Free Download for PC Windows 7/8/10 is a tool for you to convert a PDF music file into a song. You can listen to it on your computer.


A handy tool to play scores in PDF format

Besides being a format for reading word documents, PDF can also be used as a format for music files. In other words, you can easily hear the score playing after you have opened a PDF document. Also, the lyrics can be sung. This is all thanks to a tool called PDFtoMusic. The tool is able to read all musical data from scores, giving you a chance to listen to music right on your PC. Therefore, it has become a tool suitable for people who want to learn how to sing and play instruments.

There is no denying that PDF is a very handy format that brings good results in terms of printing the scores. Hence, the above tool is recommendable for you when you have a demand to hear a piece of sheet musicĀ in PDF. It does not require you to transcribe it to a certain program. Thus, it is quite convenient to use. The tool is able to read as well as play all music scores exported in PDF format by means of OCR (stands for Optical Character Recognition). You can make use of it to hear what a PDF music score sounds like prior to using it.

Main functions of PDFtoMusic

The tool provides some main functions to you, for instance:

  • It supports plenty of file formats.
  • All music PDF files can be converted into songs.
  • The tool gives supportĀ to various instruments such as drum bass, banjo, etc.
  • It automatically edits pause and music with various voices.
  • You can make use of the common feature called playback to repeat the songs you have listened to.
  • With a text-to-speech function, you can listen to the way all songs are sung. This function is consistent with the score OCR reader.
  • The tempo of the songs is adjustable as well.

The best way for playing scores from a PDF file is using PDFtoMusic on PC. If this is your demand, you can download the tool with the trial version for free. In spite of some limitations, the trial version still brings you good options and features.



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