Netflix Party 3.6.3

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Netflix Party 3.6.3 lets you sync streaming videos on Netflix with other users so you can watch any series or movie at the same time with your friends

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

Sharing is a way of life, and for many Netflix users, part of the appeal of it is being able to watch a movie or series in the company and chat at the same time.

Unfortunately, getting everyone together in front of a screen isn’t always possible, so to make up for that, we have Netflix Party.

Synchronize Netflix playback across different accounts
This is a Chrome extension that allows synchronization of video playback between multiple users.

This way, even if you are hundreds of kilometers apart, you can still watch the content at the same time.

It works as follows:

Step 1: Install the extension on your PC.
Step 2: Open the video on Netflix (via the web app, not in the desktop app).
Step 3: Create your private Netflix group by clicking the “NP” button on your browser’s address bar. Share the generated URL with other users.
Step 4: If you are part of the group, paste the URL into your browser.
The extension will allow people to watch the same video at the same time and also comment on it in a side-by-side chat. It’s not quite like being in the same room, but it’s pretty close…



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