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With Google Chrome 103.0.5060.66 on PC, you’ll have the fastest and best performing browser to explore the Internet and all its content securely and privately.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Chrome is almost a synonym of the Internet. The browser developed at Mountain View, officially launched in 2008, has been an excellent web browser on both desktop and laptop computers as well as Android mobile devices. In less than ten years, the application developed by Google has become the favorite program of hundreds, if not thousands, of millions of users to access the Internet and its online content.

Every year its market share skyrockets, and it’s the latest actor to join the so-called browser wars, with Internet Explorer, launched by Microsoft in 1995, and Firefox, published by Mozilla in 1995. 2002. Even the efforts by the people at Redmond to regain their hegemony, with the introduction of the advantage, are unlikely to go anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Why is Google Chrome the best browser for you?

Google’s browser, based on the Chromium open source project and using the Blink rendering engine (a fork of Webkit), is faster, more efficient, and lighter than its rivals. Not because we say it ourselves, but different standards are made every year on these products to measure their performance. If that’s not a good enough reason to choose it over its competitors, its compelling features make it even more enjoyable:

A lightweight browser that is constantly updated with new functions and security improvements.
Websites load faster than any other alternatives.
The ability to sign in and sync your Chrome activity on any other device.
Tab-based browsing with different hotkeys to manage them all.
Option to reopen Chrome where you last left it with all open tabs from your previous session.
Incognito mode for private browsing without leaving a trace of your activity.
Clearing your search and download history is easy.
Save and manage bookmarks for quick access to all your favorites.
Autofill functionality for search suggestions, websites, and form filling.
Full archive of extensions to add new functions to our browser with plug-ins.
The Chrome Web Store also includes various themes to customize aspects of the browser.
Function handle other PCs from our browser using Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
Ability to launch Android applications in the browser.
The function to mute individual tabs in case any of the tabs is playing a sound that we want to remove.
Blocking Flash content by default in favor of HTML5.
Quick search right from the address bar or Omnibox.
PDF viewer built into the application.
Protection against phishing and all types of malware.
A password manager built into the browser.
The 64-bit version is much faster, safer and more stable.
Moreover, users of this browser can be the first to know and experience future updates thanks to the developer version and beta testers as is the case with Chrome Canary (nothing good than try all the future features of your favorite browser before anyone else).


Google Chrome
Google Chrome


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