Dashlane for iphone

Dashlane is a powerful password manager for your iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 that you should have on your smartphone. With the extremely eye-catching interface and no free to use for the normal versions, that is the reason why this software is more and more popular in the¬†iOS users’ community. So now, please study this app to have an overview of it.

Some information about Dashlane for iPhone

In fact, almost all users need a password manager to store all your data in one place and look up quickly when needed. That is the reason why this app is developed to make their demands.

This is a simple yet powerful password manager that allows you to store information about your identity card, credit card, and other forms of payment, invoices, documents, and notes. Even that, this app also has the ability to automatically fill in online forms when you need to add different types of personal information instead of having to enter data. It is obvious that it is the smart software that helps your manipulation become more simple.

The way to set up Dashlane for iPhone

After choosing a master password to access Dashlane on your iPhone, the only thing you have to do is remember this unique password or you will lose access to the personal database. This app will install itself into your browser, making it easy to explore the features and components of the interface.

Even that if you are using a different password manager, you can quickly and conveniently migrate your database to this app easily.

Besides that, once the password is stored in this app, users can log in automatically each time that website loads. If you open an account on a new website, it also can generate a new stronger password for you from the browser itself, and then store the password in its database.

Dashlane for iphone
Dashlane for iphone

The special thing is that, with this app, you can choose your own security level. And in fact, only you know the main password to access this app to decrypt data. That is obvious that this app does a very good job of security.

With the benefits of Dashlane, it is worth for you using this software for your iPhone. You certainly satisfy when using this app in the future.


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