Candy Crush Saga for iPhone

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Candy Crush Saga for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12 is the free game that gets the most downloads on iOS. This is the sweet candy puzzle game that has gameplay like the Bejeweled diamonds puzzle game. That is the reason why this game is the best choice for people who love candy.

Some specialty of Candy Crush Saga for iPhone

The responsibility of players is to arrange candy of similar color together vertically or horizontally. At that time, you will score points and enjoy the delicious tastes of these candies.

  • The first strong point for this game is that it has the graphics with the sweet candy that is very attractive to the players. It is obvious that you can not escape the game when viewing a lot of beautiful colors in-game.
  • If you can overcome each round, you can unlock the new playing environment and meet the more sweetest characters.
  • This game also provides a helpful support system to help you to overcome all of the challenges easily.
  • Besides that, you have to complete many adventure levels to unlock more tips. Of course, these tips will support you for the next levels.
  • There are hundreds of levels in this game. If you are a fan of this game, you don’t need to worry about the overlap, because new levels will be added one time per two weeks.
  • Moreover, you can control your rank by the follow the global Leader Board rankings. You also can sync the game between the devices and unlock the full functionality when connected to the Internet.
Candy Crush Saga for iPhone
Candy Crush Saga for iPhone

Candy Crush Saga for iPhone is full of the levels from easy to difficult for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy it wherever you are, not only online but also offline. This game is free to play but there are some items that can be purchase for real money if you want to use them. Compare with the lot of funs it can bring to you, everything becomes cheaper for players.



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