BeautyPlus for iphone

BeautyPlus is one of the best “selfie” photo editing apps for iPhone 7/8/10/11/12. It is also considered as the selfie camera for a Beautiful Image. Of courses, this app will help you to have a natural and attractive selfie thanks to the special effects such as the ability to remove dark spots, brighten skin, big eyes, whiten teeth… If you are a person who loves virtual life, please don’t miss this app.

Some main features of BeautyPlus- Selfie Camera for a Beautiful Image for iPhone

This is a smart selfie photo application for iOS that allows the users to edit the photos with 5 levels of portrait adjustment to choose from with one-touch operation. It is obvious that this app makes your manipulation become easier. Besides that, these features also help you to save more time for editing.

Even that, you can take beautiful photos even in dark or low-light environments with the feature of Exposure smart. Now you don’t need to worry because its camera possesses ideal light sensitivity without the need for a flash. That is the reason why this app will create more lively photos for you.

Besides that, the Self-timer function of BeautyPlus- selfie camera for iPhone with 3-second timer, allowing you to take beautiful images with hands-free mode. Of course, you also can share photos instantly on social networks Facebook, Twitter … to show off to your friends.

Moreover, there are 10 quality photo effects applied with one-touch operation. Now you can make your photos become more perfect in the shortest time.

As mentioned above, this app can remove acne, dark freckles, and gives you healthy, smooth skin. It also lifts the nose, slim face, removes colored dots, and puffiness… to make you become more confident.


Now please download BeautyPlus for your iPhone and try it now. This selfie camera will help you to have beautiful images easily. You certainly satisfy when using this app.


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