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Global Mapper is a program for PC Windows 7/8/10 useful for education. It’s available for you to download and apply if you expect to analyze or process GIS data.

Global Mapper
Global Mapper

About Global Mapper PC

Global Mapper is a geographic information system (GIS) software workable on Microsoft Windows. The package is a product of Blue Marble Geographics.

Compete with various programs

The GIS soft is the competitor of ESRI, GeoMedia, Manifold System, and MapInfo GIS products.

It manages vector, raster, with elevation data, and offers features related to viewing, conversion. Besides, you can find out other general GIS ones.

It can become a community comprising a mailing list and online forums.

It’s suitable for beginners and professionals. It runs with a comprehensive tool to control spatial data on your PC.

Main features

The following list will help you learn more about Global Mapper before you launch the app.

Support for over 200 formats

Some of them are raster data, vectors, elevation, and so on

Possible to import and export

From a spatial database, it’s simple to do that.

Easy to start

You can activate the soft on its own. Meanwhile, it’s integrated as a module in other GIS devices. Thanks to its online integration, you can connect and enter the cloud data.

Additionally, it’s also straightforward to access DigitalGlobe, OpenStreetMap, and TerraServer-USA/MSRMaps material.

Numerous files

They are image repositories, surveys, and DEM/DSM.

Assistance for more

That comprises the aid for KML and KMZ that associate with Google Earth.

Releases countless abilities

For example, calculate cutoff/distances/surfaces, raster blending, spectral analysis, filling volumes, etc.


It’s compatible with LIDAR data.

And more

Global Mapper is one of the top educational soft obtainable for PC Windows. It has every sort of cartographic and map information for any level in such a cartography realm. It’s time you act with a good utility for the management of spatial data on your PC.


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